What Makes A Motorcycle A Motorcycle

If you are a diehard motorcycle rider, you know that the most important part of any bike is the motorcycle engines. A motorcycle cannot and will never move unless it has an engine; however, while any engine will make a motorcycle move, not all engines are made equal and there are various aspects of an engine that will distinguish a top quality engine from a simple engine used in just about any bike. Along with the engines, the motorcycle wheels are very important and if you are a professional rider, who enters their price possessions into bike shows, you already know the importance of having top class hardware on your bikes but for those who are new to motorcycle riding, we will be looking at a couple of the top motorcycle engines of all times.

Let us take a look at the basic constructions of high quality motorcycle engines

It is a known fact that motorcycle engines and car engines work similarly. They both have a head, a cylinder block, and a piston; however, what makes motorcycle engines different from each other is the amount of cylinders that they are built with, the number of strokes in each power cycle and how big or small their combustion chamber is. The overall outcome of what makes a great motorcycle engine is the amount of power that it gives off. Top engines are the most powerful and we all know the thrill, the blast, the overall experience that you get when riding a motorcycle that is built for power and speed.

Now that you know a little bit about what makes motorcycle engines powerful, let us take a look at two of the top motorcycle engines of all time.

The Harley Davidson Engine designed for the Evolution:

Harley-Davidson is a worldwide brand and their motorcycle engines are loved and cherished all over. While Harley is known far and wide for their engines, Harley wheels are also some off the most popular wheels on the motorcycle market and they are by far some of the best. However, back to the engine, the Harley-Davidson engine is possibly one of the best things that the company could have created because this particular engine placed the company on the map. With this particular engine, Harley went above and beyond and the first thing that was quite obvious was that the cylinders were made from aluminum instead of iron like previous engines. Being released in 1984, this engine put Harley on top and more than 20 years later, this company and their products are still soaring high.

The Ducati 851:

Ducati, like Harley Davidson, is a name known worldwide. This Italian brand released the Ducati 851 in the year 1988 and the engine has been a major success since. Designed with a 94bhp and torque of 53ft,lb @ 7500rpm, this one of a kind engine has been voted by many to be the top motorcycle engine of all times. However, this statement is still being challenged based on the other wonderful motorcycle engines that have been released before and after this one.

Whether you are an average or a top gun motorcycle rider, if you want the full experience and be blown away while riding, you need to seriously think about two aspects of your motorcycle and they are the motorcycle wheels and the motorcycle engines. However, one recommendation for wheels is the Harley wheels and if you are looking for the best in this area, you need to get these wheels.