Used for centuries, trikes are a popular mode of transport all over the world. From the popular trike rickshaws in Southern Asia and China, to the motorised versions made popular in America, each has their own unique characteristics.

When you mention a trike, the first thought to most is the three wheeled motorbike versions, which are, without a doubt, the most popular. Unlike motorbikes, these types of trikes are not often mass produced. A lot of companies prefer to create custom made trikes to the riders set specification than to create a large amount of trikes to try and suit a limited market. However, there are selections of companies who have, and still do, mass-produce trikes. For examples the Piaggio Ape, a delivery bike, is a small motorised trike used mainly for the delivery of small goods or parcels and the Scammell Scarab railway dray, popularised throughout post-war Britain in many train stations. Whilst mass produced, these trikes are not how we think of trikes today ? which are, generally, the custom made trikes.

The design of trikes can be split into two main areas ?
Delta / upright ?the Delta trike design is the most popular and famous looking trike. With two rear wheels and one at the front, the rider of the trike sits in the middle of the wheels atop the frame. Rear wheel drive, the single front wheel is responsible for the steering, making it a powerful yet safe ride.

Tadpole ? the more uncommon of the two designs, the Tadpole design is often labelled as the ?Reverse Trike? design as it is simply a reverse of a normal Delta trike design. One rear wheel provides all of the drive whilst the two front wheels allow for steering. Whilst the Tadpole trikes look more unusual and often more revered, they do have their faults, particularly in steering and balance wise, which is the primary reason they are a even more of a rarity than Delta trikes on the roads.
Once you have your trike and you?re looking for insurance (of course that is assuming your trike is of the motorised type and needs insurance), you may be a little pushed to find a competitive quote. Only 15 years ago it was near impossible to compare to similar quotes for Trike Insurance. They weren?t a popular version of motorbikes at the time and so only a small percentage of insurance companies offered trike insurance. Today however, more and more companies are providing insurance for all types of transport, trikes included. It may not be easy to get as many insurance quotes as you could with bike insurance or car insurance, but you will definitely find at least a handful of reasonably priced quotes.

Owning a trike can be a fantastic piece of transport to have. Not only does it allow you to get from A to B, it will turn heads everywhere you go. From the heavily modified trikes to the simple, understated but highly sought after trikes, each one will leave passers by turning their heads as you roar past.