Top 3 Reasons To Avoid The Arai Rx-7 Helmet

The Arai RX-7 motorcycle helmet is one of the favorite ?lids? of motorcycle enthusiasts today. Its solid construction and classy design help it to remain at the top of everyone?s cycle gear wish list. But is the hype surrounding the Arai RX-7 justified?

To find out, I recently performed my own testing on the RX-7. The results were quite interesting and compelling. So without further adieu, here are my top 3 reasons why you would want to avoid this fan favorite.

Reason #1: You love a hot, steamy helmet so you can sweat away the pounds while you ride.

I remember my days of motorcycle riding in Alabama in the summer. Talk about hot! And the helmets I wore back then did not breathe at all so it was like having a mini-sauna on your head.

In my opinion, the Arai RX-7 sets the standard for how ventilation should be done in today?s helmets. Air flows freely into the helmet with one vent helping it to blow on your face and the other vent directing it toward the shield to prevent fogging. Pure genius if you ask me.

To be fair, there are a couple of negatives that come with this great airflow:

1. Your face gets cold in cooler weather!
2. The helmet can be a bit noisy but overall, not too bad really.

So if your goal is to sweat away a few pounds while riding, then avoid the RX-7 at all costs.

Reason #2: You like a little discomfort when riding your motorcycle and enjoy the painful headaches from an ill-fitting helmet.

The RX-7 is one of the best fitting, most comfortable helmets I have ever worn. Plus, it is probably the ONLY helmet I felt I could wear all day and not need a massage or an aspirin afterwards.

The inside pads are replaceable so you can find just the right balance between comfort and snugness. Fortunately snugness doesn?t prevent you from using your earplugs when you are riding because there is still plenty of room around the ears.

But comfort is what you look for in a Lazyboy recliner, not in a helmet, right?

Reason #3: You want your head to resemble a bowling ball while on your cycle and to be as heavy as one too.

I have owned motorcycle helmets that were practically like wearing a bowling ball on your head all day. Okay, maybe I exaggerate a little but not much. Regardless, you won?t get that feeling with the RX-7. It is probably the lightest helmet I have ever worn.

And don?t think just because it is lightweight it?s cheaply made because it is not. This helmet is going to last you a long time.

Want good looks too? (Like multi-colored bowling shoes?) In my opinion, the Arai RX-7 helmet is the best looking helmet on the road. The helmets come in many, many graphic designs and the finish is excellent. By the way, be sure to check out the one with the UK flag on it. It?s very cool.

So, there you have my top 3 reasons to avoid an Arai RX-7 helmet. I hope you heed my advice (or not) and steer clear of these bad boys. Consider yourself warned.