Toothache That Never Ends

I woke up this morning with the worst toothache ever, it felt as though my face was all swollen up because of my wisdom tooth that taking its sweet time to come out. In the past 3 years only 2 corners of the tooth has managed to come out and so I have decided it’s time for it to go.

It must be my lucky day as I managed to get an appointment for this afternoon, I know they won’t take the tooth today but it’s a step forward and just visiting them will ease the pain. Out of all the days in the week, my boyfriend chooses to take the car to work today, so I’ll have to either take the bus or walk it there.

It’s a beautiful day so I decided to walk to the dentist, maybe even do a bit of shopping before and after the appointment as the surgery is in the shopping centre. There is one other thing I will do on my way to the appointment, when I pass the showroom for used cars in York, I’ll have a quick look to see if I can find myself a car as I realised sharing a car won’t work for us in the future.

When my boyfriend gets home this evening from work, I’ll have to convince him to buy me car , it won’t be easy and I’m sure it will take me weeks to get him to agree but I don’t mind as long as I have a car in the end, I’ll be happy.