The Variable Reluctance Pickup ? Believe It Or Not You Probably Own One

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A Variable Reluctance Pickup?

Are you experiencing a ?variable reluctance pickup?? The fact is, that by definition, yes you are however, this is not what the term variable reluctance pickup refers to in the world of electronics. The variable reluctance pickup is an electronics device that uses magnets to determine the speed of moving metal parts.

Creating an Electrical Response

The way that they function is quite simple. The magnet in the variable reluctance pickup is focused on a spinning gear or moving metal and as the teeth of the gear pass the magnet, they of course cause the magnet to react to the ferrous metal in the gear. This reaction, in turn, causes an electrical response in the pickup that is then able to be transfered by wire to another location.

Other Uses for the Variable Reluctance Pickup

Variable reluctance pickups also come in other forms for other uses but they all function on the same principle and that is that they use magnets to detect moving metal. For instance, variable reluctance pickups are what you see being used on electric guitars. Pluck the metal string and the movement of it is detected by a magnet in the pickup and converted into an electrical pulse.