The Five Most Common Causes of Automobile Accidents

It’s an unfortunate statistic, but many of us have been in automobile accidents before and had to deal with the requisite (and expensive) auto repairs that resulted from the experience. These auto repairs can be costly and frustrating because they often keep our main method of transportation off the road for long periods of time. We want to get back on the road again as quickly as possible. But often, it seems the best way to prevent costly auto repairs and to keep us on the road is simply to avoid them in the first place. While sometimes bad luck does play a role in accidents occurring, here are the five most common causes of accidents that all drivers should be aware of at all times in order to reduce the risk of accidents happening to them.

1. Distraction: It happens to the best us. We take a phone call in the car, text while driving, we deal with kids arguing in the backseat, pets climbing on our laps, even sometimes, we simply have a lot on our minds. Big report due at work soon? Performance review coming up? Familial or relationship troubles? We should be aware of what things cause us to be the most distracted and do whatever we can to limit these from occurring while we are driving.

2. Fatigue: We’ve all been there. Driving home after a long day or work, maybe our morning commute after staying up late to finish that big project, whatever the case, you’re tired which can lead to reduced reaction time, being more easily distracted, and taking your eyes off the road. If you’re tired then consider an alternate means of transportation or perhaps a nap before you get in the car to go home.

3. Non-driving activities: You’ve seen it before. That guy shaving in the car on the way to work, that lady applying lipstick. Then of course there’s Mr. Latte Guzzler and Ms. Cheeseburger Chomper. When driving we should keep our eyes on the road at all times and not involve other activities that can reduce reaction times, aid in distracting us, and lead to poor driving decisions you wouldn’t have otherwise made.

4. Road and weather conditions: Road and weather conditions are a huge factor in causing accidents. Icy road? Dumping rain? Roads under construction or poorly maintained? Maybe you can find another way home that avoids these potential hazards.

5. Medical or emotional trauma: Are you sick as a dog? Not feeling well? Perhaps you shouldn’t be driving then. Driving while sick can lead to fatigue and distraction just as listed above. This goes double if you’ve recently been through some kind of emotionally traumatic experiences. In these situations consider getting a ride from a friend, using public transportation, or better yet, just staying home.