Stylish Motorcycle Jackets That Keep You Safe

As any biker will tell you, motorcycle jackets are essential as part of their safety gear. With so many different kinds to choose from, it’s easy for a first-time buyer to become overwhelmed. For the most part, your choice should be based on your riding style, type of bike and the conditions in which you ride. Leather jackets are the most popular from a safety and style perspective. Some styles are simple and fairly thin while others provide extra layers and padding. Waterproof leather jackets are also available but bike riders generally choose a synthetic jacket for use in the rain. Riding on hot, sunny days is a real pleasure but you don’t want your jacket to cause you to overheat. Mesh type jackets are available to help keep you cooler in hot conditions. Manufacturers like Tourmaster, Joe Rocket and Firstgear have years of experience in making riders look and feel good while keeping them well protected.

Safety first

It is recommended that all bikers, no matter what kind of motorcycle you own, should invest in a motorcycle jacket. Accidents happen whether it’s the rider’s fault or not. Weather conditions, poor visibility and other reckless drivers are just a few circumstances that can cause you to lose control and take a spill. Sliding across the hard tar might scratch your jacket pretty badly but just imagine if that was your skin instead! With this in mind, it doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice style for safety. There are plenty of colors and designs to choose from and you can even go so far as to personalize your own jacket.

Colors to match

It’s safe to say that many riders choose biker jackets that match their motorcycle. This can be in the way of color choice and even branding. For instance, a red and white Honda CBR rider may be inclined towards choosing a red and white jacket with Honda branding. Club riders will also include the name of their bike club on their jacket and they usually keep their designs fairly simple. Club riders often take part in long and short-distance rallies. With each rally completed, the biker can add another badge to his jacket.

Great for anyone

Harley-Davidson motorcycles jackets are exceptionally popular. Not only for die-hard Harley bikers but also for those who simply love the Harley brand. The general consensus is that the Harley-Davidson name equates to power and strength. It’s no wonder that this type of jacket is such popular clothing item for riders and non-riders alike. These stylish jackets are not just popular amongst men. There are plenty of female bikers and children too. Women are definitely very fashion conscious and wouldn’t dream of looking less than perfect. Loving parents are known to take any opportunity to dress their little darling up and parade him or her around. If the whole family rides, why not create your very own family team design? It’s one way that you are sure to stand out in the crowd!