RV Carpet Cleaning Keeping Carpets Stain and Odor Free

In the close confines of an RV, dirty carpets can smell unpleasantly bad. Dirt often gets stuck to your shoes and is then transferred onto the carpets. Accidents, spills, and overuse leave marks and stains on the carpets. These stains must be quickly removed, if you do not want your carpets to be permanently marred. Dirty carpets must be cleaned as soon as possible to avoid the possibility of yellowing or fading color. The easiest way to ensure complete cleanliness is to use RV carpet cleaning machines.

RV carpet cleaning is often undertaken by car wash businesses that are equipped with special carpet cleaning machines. RV owners may also prefer purchasing their own commercial equipment to maintain clean vehicle interiors. Commercial RV carpet cleaning equipment is durable and more effective in removing dirt than low-end machines meant for limited use.

Hot Water Carpet WashingSome cleaning contractors use heated RV carpet cleaning machines. These machines have a heating element, which is used for heating water for breaking down tough stains. Heated rug cleaner machines have many advantages. Hot water, for example, is one of the most effective and safest ways to clean grimy, greasy carpets. Heat melts grease, making carpet washing much easier. These powerful carpet washer machines achieve temperatures as high as 210??F. If equipped with a powerful heating element or two elements, the machine can achieve high temperatures in just five minutes.

However, if the carpet is delicate or simply unsuited to hot water cleaning, you can use cold water machines. Many contractors prefer investing in non-heated carpet washer machines, due to their lower price. These machines can use hot water for washing carpets if the operator inputs hot water (up to 210??F). To further enhance the cleaning power of either hot water or cold water systems, use a quality, eco-friendly detergent to make the wash process easier.

If you are dealing with extremely dirty carpets on a regular basis, a heated rug cleaner system is the best option. It can save you money in the long term and make the washing process faster.

Non-Stop WorkContractors would lose money, if they had to take frequent breaks during their workday. If your machine is not up to the high standards required in the industry, it would stop functioning optimally just after a few minutes. Therefore, you need durable machines built to sustain in the rigorous environment of commercial carpet washing and car detailing.

When purchasing car wash equipment for RVs, look for an upholstery steam cleaner that has large solution and recovery tanks. Some commercial upholstery steam cleaner machines have tanks as large as 4 gallons. Some auto detailing machines even feature automatic fill and dump capabilities.

There are other ways to assess the durability of an auto detailing machine. The motor should be powerful and the wand should ideally be made of stainless steel. The wand for RV cleaning should be handheld, at 4 inches in length. Also known as an upholstery steam cleaner, the machine must have at least two hoses – one for the detergent solution and the other for vacuum extraction.

The tips given above should help you choose the best car wash equipment for RV interior detailing.