Rubber Truck Bed Mats And The Smashed Ranger

Not too long ago a neighbor asked me to help him split and stack a big firewood pile. Sure, I thought. As this project progressed, my mental anguish increased and my appreciation for rubber truck bed mats increased. Here’s the story…

See, the neighbor has a son with lots of energy and there were several other kids there too. So they get in a race to see how fast they can build a wood pile. Now the neighbor’s late model, like-new, Ford Ranger pickup comes into play.

There’s a short pickup haul from the splitter to the finished firewood pile. The shiny red Ford is the truck for the hauling. So at first the wood is loaded, with the neighbor son in charge, at a careful pace. Heavy, seasoned oak pieces are carefully placed in the Ford. Then as the afternoon wears on, the competition for speed increases.

The careful firewood placement evolves into firewood tosses. Now mind you these are heavy, hard oak slabs and the tosses are from fifteen to twenty feet out. As things progress, the wood starts to bounce on the bed of the truck. You can almost feel the dents. You sure can hear them. The blows fall faster and harder. The pace quickens.

Now the wood is raining on the fenders, on the rear window, inside, outside, everywhere the blows land. It’s like a demolition derby. It’s total destruction of a perfectly good truck. Dents, scratches and damage everywhere. It’s a destroyed truck in just a few hours. It’s amazing.

No truck bed mats can protect a truck from gross damage like that.

But rubber truck mats can stand up to almost any damage a SANE person would cause in normal use. Save your truck from expensive damage with some cheap bed mats.