Roadworks – Late for Driving Lessons

When multiple roadworks crop up in close proximity in one area this can present many problems for driving instructors. Time is money and making your way through a city can be a big factor when teaching driving. Financially it can be a burden as longer journey times can lead to being late for lessons and result in lessons being cut short and the time not being charged for. Pupils are ever more demanding and often resent an instructor turning up late especially if they had not been informed of the delay. Driving instructors should always phone the pupil or send a text message to warn the pupil but obviously not on the move. Pupils are customers and demand the same level of customer service they would receive elsewhere. Being left standing and waiting can annoy pupils and erode driving confidence.

The added cost of fuel is another factor. Sitting in traffic at temporary traffic lights can significantly increase the amount of fuel used per day and with petrol prices so high at the moment this can have a big effect. If the traffic lights are a four way system you may be in for a long wait so it’s probably worth switching off the engine until they are ready to change.

Lesson content is adversely effected as certain areas of Nottingham may need to be reached in order to cover the lesson topic. Roadworks may make this impossible in the time available so the focus of the lesson may need to be changed. Time spent in traffic queues may be regarded as time wasted by a pupil and may blame the instructor for not avoiding them and using another route. As roadworks are set up without warning this can be a nightmare for an instructor as planning around them is impossible. Radio bulletins give some warnings of delays but usually only for major roads.

All is not lost however as roadworks offer teaching opportunities for driving instructors Sherwood Nottingham. Anticipation of the changing of temporary traffic lights or stop / go boards by observing the traffic flow can be taught. Separation distance in the traffic flow, lane discipline when signs inform drivers not to change lanes are both appropriate subjects and worth covering. Observation of temporary speed limits and being aware of workers in the road would make suitable topics for driving lessons Sherwood Nottingham area. A recent news report showed how road workers are subject to abuse from irate motorists. This is obviously unacceptable as the work needs to be done and workers should not be blamed for inconvenience caused. Pupils should be taught a patient and respectful attitude towards road workers and make their safety a priority.