Purchaseing A New Or A Used Motorcycle Is A Very Significant Decision.

For the first time in many years I find myself wondering, should buy a used motorbike or should I cough up the big bucks and buy a shinny new one.

If I get a new one, I will be sure that it will be warranted and for the most part trustworthy and reliable.

However, if I buy a pre owned motorcycle, I will conserve hundreds off the cost of a shinny new one. I will not have to ride like an aged lady throughout the brake in stage and I will pay a lot less for excise tax.

The other judgment I have to formulate is, do I desire an American standard harley davidson or do I need to get a hold of a metric motorbike.

A new Harley Davidson in the class that I need will be just about $18,000.00 low, to $22,000.00 on the high side.

If I decide on a metric motorcycle, the same style bike will cost me 1000’s less at around $8,000.00 low to $16,000.00 on the high side.

If I buy new, I will not have to worry about parts falling off or braking down. On the other hand, I will be coughing up a lot more specially if I barrow money for it.

That brings up a different question I need to take into account. Do I need to finance my new or used motorbike, or do I have enough money to shell out cash?

Paying out cash is favored because I will not experience month-to-month repayments and shell out soaring interest charge that will raise the over all asking price of my motorcycle.

If you have the dollars to acquire new, I would highly suggest it. But, if you are like me you will not maintain $20,000.00 laying around. So a pre owned bike it is.

Now that I have determined to make my next motorbike a used motorbike, there are a handful of extremely important matters I must to consider. First am I going to buy a Harley davidson, or a metric?

Although a used Harley is going to be more affordable then a new Harley Davidson, a pre owned Harley Davidson is going to cast more then a pre owned metric motorcycle.

While purchaseing “Made in the USA” is important, in the real world, cost is the deciding factor for me. And besides, I have in no way discriminated against any motorcycle company, type or style. I have road just about every variety of bike there is and I have owned nearly all of them.

So I have made a determination. I am ready to pick up a pre owned motorcycle also it is going to be a metric motorbike.

I’m going to acquire a late model Kawasaki Vulcan 1600 classic, the Suzuki C50-T, or a Yamaha Road Star Silverado 1100. I am able to find any one of these 2007 – 2008 models used for around $8,000.00 to $9,000.00.

Another thing I have to to consider is, am I going to purchase it from a privet party or from a motorcycle dealer.

If I get my next used motorcycle from a motorcycle dealership, by law there must be at least a thirty day guarantee and a safety inspection completed on the bike before it’s sold.

If I buy it from a exclusive individual, I’m more prone to catch a greater deal cost wise, but the motorbike will almost certainly be offered as is.

This being understood, it is no doubt a useful idea to painstakingly test a used motorbike out before you purchase it.

The first thing I always inspect if I am going to buy a used motorbike is the overall outer shell. I look to see if the motorcycle has signs of mistreatment or has been laid down. I check for stuff like dings and scratches, oxidation or worn out metal, leaks and yellowing of the exhaust. I also inspect the frame and suspension. By looking down the midpoint of the motorbike from the front you are able to distinguish if the frame is bent or if the front forks are correct and if there is any leakage from the seals.

Check out the brakes, the clutch, linkage, throttle and brake cables. I always ask at what time the motorbike was last serviced. One thing I never do is take any sellers word for repair details. Ask for verification. Get the seller to present to you all of the repair records.

Wheels and tires are steep so examine them carefuly. After all you are forking out a wad of cash up front just to get your ride on. Why should you have to fork out even more money a few weeks down the road to get fresh wheels and tires.

One other thing to consider is the wireing system and the battery. Examine for any loose connections or stripped wires. On the battery examine to see if there is any corrosion and if the wires are not stripped. Turn the key on to see if the head lamp comes on. Also check the tail light, break light, turn signals and the horn.

Wow! Now start the used motorcycle. See if it starts up immediately or if it needs a few cranks to start. Also, how does the starter sound? Does it clang or disengage and just spin or does it drag or just click?

Alright, now that it’s fired up, how does it sound, good? Does it hesitate and ping? Is there dark blue smoke coming out of the exhaust? Does the engine rattle or yield a ticking noise? If so, there is something incorrect that I would not need to get myself into.

Now take it for a ride. Notice how it feels. If it rides well and stops quick then odds are its all satisfactory. So now I’m ready to seal the deal.

By the way, it is without a doubt a good idea to take any used motorcycle you are thinking about buying to a qualified motorcycle mechanic and have them test it out before you pay money for it. If for any motive the seller has trouble with this, I would not get that used motorcycle.