Protectors Of Audi’s Cargo Flooring And Ignition System

Cargo areas of Audi vehicles, especially the SUV Q7, are susceptible to pesky dents and even stains. Because of this, an Audi Cargo Liner is fitted on the Q7’s flooring. Audi cargo liners are made from durable polyethyelene materials that can protect the cargo floor area from bumps, scratches, and even stains. Usually, an Audi Cargo Liner has raised edges to trap spills and dirt within the cargo bed, preventing the harmful substances from going into the cargo hold. Cargo Liners also have textured surfaces to keep the cargo in place, giving it greater grip and preventing them from sliding. With an Audi Cargo Liner neatly tucked on the truck bed, the flooring is safe from damages.

Protecting Audi ignition system’s distributor, meanwhile, is the Audi Distributor Cap. The distributor is a device which routes the high voltage in the correct firing order to the spark plugs. Audi distributor caps are used to cover the distributor and its internal rotor. The rotor switches a high sparking voltage to the spark plugs to enable accurate firing. The Audi Distributor Cap contains one post for each cylinder. In multi-point ignition systems, there is a central post for the coil voltage coming into the distributor. In High Energy Ignition systems where there is no central post, the ignition coil is placed on top of the distributor. On the inside of the cap there is a terminal that corresponds to each post. The plug terminals are arranged around the circumference of the cap according to the firing order with the aim of sending the secondary voltage to the proper spark plug at the exact right time. However, the Audi Distributor Cap is a prime example of a component that easily yields to heat and vibration. Carbon deposits and eroded metal terminals can cause distributor cap failure. Replacement therefore is a must.

It is good to know though, that replacing a worn out cargo liner or faulty distributor cap may not cost much for an owner. Yet, it is recommended that cargo liners and distributor caps be regularly cleaned and checked respectively to achieve the desired longevity for these parts.