Jump Starting Your Car And How to do it

A car’s battery and the related mechanism is a complex function, and one must be sure how to fix it properly so that one does not end up damaging the related components. There are a few things you need to know why your car fails to start. One of the primary reasons is the dead battery, so once you are sure about it, you can get road side assistance or seek help from other one owners to recharge your battery to start the vehicle. This is called jump starting, but without enough knowledge you are more likely to damage your car and injure yourself.

Remember your car has a 12-volt battery that generates power to the electric motor to ignite its engine. At times the battery charge may drain off, this is mainly because you might have left your headlights on while the car engine was off, in such cases it fails to get power and will not start.

Jump starting is all about recharging the dead battery through an external source. First you have to locate the battery, which is not a big deal, since most car batteries are mounted under the hood in the engine compartment. The new generation batteries are placed in such a way that it is easy for the user to spot them. This helps one replace the battery without any fuss. A car user manual is the best book to refer if you are not sure where the battery is located. Read the manual further and you will know about jumper cables and other equipment that will be required in case you car needs jump starting.

Procedure for jump starting

Park the supporting car close to the one that has the dead battery and needs jump starting. Make sure it is not too close that they touch each other. Ensure there is no steel material or other solid substance connected that may transmit electricity. Now connect the jumper cables to the cars. As you connect the jumper cables, you need to ensure that no foreign element or other equipment is placed in the way that touches both the vehicles. Switch off the engine of the supporting car and the recipient one. Ensure both the cars are on parking breaks in neutral gear. Disable your music system or any equipment that uses electrical power.

On the jumper cable fix the red positive terminal to the positive terminal of your battery and the negative to the negative terminal. Start the engine of the helper car and allow it to charge the dead battery for 5 min. After this stop the engine of the helper car and remove the cables. Your car battery is partially charged. Now start the car with the dead battery and keep it idle for some time till some power is charged to it. You can now take it to the nearest service station and get it diagnosed.