Is The Ktm 350 Sxf For Real??

There have been many rumors going around that the Austrian-based company, KTM, has been testing out a new 350cc motocross weapon. Well for once, the rumors were true, and KTM recently announced it like they weren’t hiding anything. The reason they are building a 350cc production bike is because they wanted a bike that had the power close to a 450cc motocross bike, but the weight and handling to that of a 250F.

The 2011 350 SXF is an all new bike from the ground up. It has a new 350cc engine, a new frame, fuel-injection, and new-to-KTM linkage rear-suspension! The bike also has electric start for those lazy riders out there. It also seems to have a spot to put a kick starter, but there isn’t one currently on the bike. It is said to be released to the public this summer (2010). The price may be high, but it will most likely be worth it for the amount of work KTM has put into this bike.

This project-bike-no-more has been in the works since 2007, with KTM doing testing to see what works best on the bike. The 350 SXF was made with the help of World Motocross Champion Stefan Everts. He said the thought of a 350cc was to make up the needed power that a 250F was missing so it would be almost as powerful as a 450. The combination of a bigger and lighter engine than a 250F with the weight still similar will make this the perfect motocross bike… Or will it? Find out this summer when KTM releases their 350SXF motocross weapon!

-Tom Stark,
Motocross Hideout