Get That GPS for Your Man

First off I want to start and tell you that I’m a guy. Why is this important you may ask? Asking and taking directions is totally against my nature. You see having to stop and ask someone for directions can seen like an outward weakness and yes I do know that it’s nuts but there you have it. Thankfully for use technology has given us a way out of our arrogance. The price of a GPS or ground positioning satellite unit has dropped to the point where we all can afford to purchase one. I did wonder though, before buying one, if they would fit into my male ego. Well, for one, I can tell you with confidence that a portable GPS is not only accurate ubt pretty polite to boot. I found myself referring to it like a person. You see, not only is a GPS polite, but it’s also very good at not telling you when you’ve made a driving error. The nice thing about a portable GPS is that even if you make a wrong turn, it can very rapidly build a new route to your destination, and you look like you know what you are doing! Ok, enough kidding around. I can tell you that you will really enjoy a GPS when travelling. When we would go on vacation to foreign places, we would get hopelessly lost, but no more. We will simply input our destination into the GPS, whether it be a location, street address or just simply a city center and we will know with confidence we can actually get to a destination with little or no delay. With this in mind we are apt to explore a lot more than we would normally explore. When you know that the GPS will bring you back on course after you divert your course to see a point of interest, you will find yourself doing it quite often. Another nice feature of having a GPS is once you’ve actually reach the destination like your hotel, you can input as a static destination and quickly input it after you have had an interesting day of exploring. Another neat thing to use your GPS for is just walking around the city center. For example, my family and I will take our GPS with us and walk around foreign cities. We would input store names or types of stores and let the GPS point the way. Also another sneaky little trick, and this will only work in an open air garage, is to input the position of your vehicle before you. Finding your way back becomes super easy and much less stressful. So my advice to you ladies is to allow your man to purchase the GPS first time he looks at them. You will get to those places much faster and with a lot less headaches.