Gainesville Mayor Arrested for Drunken Driving

Gainesville mayor Craig Lowe was found asleep behind the wheel of his banged up vehicle that was near the scene of an accident and was arrested.

Florida Highway Patrol troopers interrupted the mayor’s sleep early Thursday morning when they discovered him asleep inside a badly damaged Honda Civic. They were suspicious he had caused an auto accident while under the influence of alcohol then knocked out.

Admittedly, Lowe told authorities that he had consumed three beers the previous night. Authorities alleged he looked intoxicated and were forced to arrest him and submit him to an intoxication test.

Results from a blood alcohol test performed at the scene showed Lowe was below the legal limit for driving (0.08), but the troopers decided to arrest him on a DUI charge on the basis of his impairment at the crash site.

According to reports, the Gainesville mayor was booked at Alachua County Jail on a charge of property damage.

This week, Gatorville’s first openly gay mayor, came in second for the mayoral election. During next month’s runoff he is set to go against former City Commissioner Ed Braddy.

In a similar situation in 2006, Lowe’s rival Braddy was arrested for drunk driving back in 2006. He allegedly had a blood-alcohol level of 0.184 percent at the time, which is well above the state’s legal limit.

Safety experts tend to advice that people don’t drink and drive because it can lead to car accidents and property damage. At the end of the day, the costs associated with this decision are not worth the risk. They can pull families apart and cause dire financial hardships in some. It all leads down a path of disaster. To some people, it can even end their careers.

Also if women are pregnant and are drinking and driving they are putting the creature in their bellies at risk of injury or death as well. All before the creature gets a chance to live and make decisions on its own. It is not worth putting someone who has not had a chance to experience life at an unnecessary risk. Call a friend or hire a cab to drive you home and have nonalcoholic beverages.

Drinking and driving is a serious issue. It accounts for a laundry list of accidents, injuries, damages and deaths. If you consume an alcoholic beverage, have a plan to get home after the party. Designate a driver or hire a cab to get you to a safe resting place like your hotel room or home.