Do Not Take Mommy To Jail! It Is Just A Speeding Ticket!

Nobody likes getting a speeding ticket. Most of us probably think that we had a momentary lapse in judgment and got caught, then chalk it up to experience. Unless you are desperately lonely and just want to meet people, going faster than the speed limit can ruin your day, especially when you find out just how much the fine for misbehaving is going to be.

I have a theory of how to avoid a speeding ticket and give you a favorable outlook on life at the same time. Here are four ways to get out of a ticket once you have been stopped. They really work because they have been tested. The drivers went on down the road to their destinations without that costly little piece of paper.

??? Have cute children in the car with you. My daughter-in-law was driving down the road at a leisurely pace, about 10 miles over the speed limit. The two kids were buckled up in their car seats in back.

Suddenly blue lights from the police car behind them lit up the sky. It seems that she was going just a little faster than the law allows.

The officer asks my daughter-in-law, “Do you know how fast you were going mam?”

Before she could answer, my granddaughter asked in a terrified voice, “Are you going to jail Momma?” About that time my two year old Grandson started crying. The officer was going through the motions of getting license and registration. By now both the kids were crying and yelling, “Don’t take Mommy to jail!”

At this point the policeman gave up and wrote a warning ticket, then walked away as if saying that she had enough problems already. ??? Gone fishing! A fishing buddy was on the way to the river, pulling his boat behind him. He topped a hill and was immediately zapped by a radar gun held by a deputy sheriff. It was obviously a speed trap. He was going 55 when the speed limit dropped to 40 at the bottom of the hill.

Everyone knows that when you are caught in a speed trap, you’re not going to get by with a warning. It just doesn’t happen.

This time though, the officer made the mistake of asking my friend where he was going. This launched the conversation toward a debate on where the best fishing spot for catfish was on the river. After 30 minutes the fisherman left without him receiving a citation.

??? Thank God for someone traveling faster than you. I was once stopped by an ambitious young patrolman who was delivering a lecture on the evils of excessive speed on the highway. I really wasn’t going fast, but the kind of car I had at the time, looked like it was speeding when it was setting in the parking lot . He had just finished warning me about there being a school about five miles down the road. It was apparent that he thought that I would collide with a covey of kids if I maintained my present speed.

I was saved from a speeding ticket when a red Dodge Charger flew by us as if daring the officer to chase him. The officer immediately forgot about me and commanded that I stay where I was and that he would be back soon.

I’ve often wondered why he didn’t use his radio to request help. I don’t know because I didn’t hang around to find out.