Defining A Wet Kit

Trucks and semi-trucks that have Power Take Off (PTO) often use wet kits. When the truck has a hydraulic pump, that pump depends on the PTO to make it start. The hydraulic pump is used for cranes, booms, and other similar type accessories. These accessories depend on the hydraulic pump to function.

Wet kits are made of several different parts, which include the PTOs, pumps, control valves, filters, reservoirs (tanks), and sometimes, hydraulic hoses and fittings. Once the hydraulic pump has been initiated by the PTO, it will begin to push hydraulic fluid into the hoses, which lead to the cylinders. At this point, it is possible to lift the loads and carry out any other operations. Once the loads have been lifted, the discharged fluid is sent back into the reservoir, which is then recycled back into the hydraulic pump to be carried through again.

Several manufacturers make entire wet kit machines. If you prefer, you can choose to buy single parts of the machine. There are other kinds of wet kits, or what are sometimes referred to as wetline kits, that you can purchase. These are:

1. Wetline kits for dumper trailers ? Up to 3000psi of pressure can be made with this wetline kit for dumpers, and it includes a control valve and a single acting cylinder. If you choose, you can have a kit made specific to your needs.

2. Wetline kits for utility trailers ? It is possible to make high pressures for low flow of the fluids with these wetline kits.

Many other wetline kits offer other capacities for various purposes. More often than not, the customer has these made specific to their needs. The hydraulic pump and the flow of the hydraulic fluid determine the pressure in these systems. The reservoir increases with the amount of increase in the flow of the hydraulic fluid.

Wetline kits come in different sizes. The customer determines the exact size for their needs. It is recommended that the customer talk with the manufacturer personally so that all the requirements can be detailed and explained before buying the wetline kit. The manufacturer can recommend the wetline kit that will suit all requirements.

Controlling the flow of the hydraulic fluid can be determined by the different arrangements of the hydraulic pump (dump pump). Such arrangements can include:

1. Two line dump pump system ? Useful for the dump trailer that makes use of the system irregularly, the dump pump and control valve work together as one unit.

2. Three line dump system ? Once again, this system has the hydraulic pump and the control valve together as one. This one can be used for dump trailers that depend on them to run constantly.

3. Separate pump and control valve system ? The hydraulic pump and the control valve are not connected and work separately from one another in this system.

Other functions of wetline kits are also available. You should speak with a consultant from the manufacturer to determine the precise requirements for your system and to find out which systems will work best for your purposes.