Chevrolet Sport Utility Vehicles

Almost every major car company currently has at least one SUV model, if not multiple. The popularity of these vehicles is still growing, and many people choose them because of the feeling of safety along with the ability to go virtually anywhere.

If you live in an area, that sees a lot of snow, you probably could benefit from having a four wheel drive SUV. Chevy, is one major automaker that has many SUV models, in a lot of different sizes.

Chevy Tahoe SUV

One of the most popular models, is the Chevy Tahoe. This is one of their full size SUVs, and it has been on the market for over 15 years. From the first year they created it, the Tahoe received the highest reviews of all vehicles in it?s class. Just this one model has so many options, that there are in an endless amount of configurations a person can choose.

The Tahoe comes in 2 and 4 door models. There?s three different engine sizes, and multiple trim package options. There is one model made specifically for off-roading, another for highway driving and one for everything in between. Whether you live in a hot summer climate, or snowy northern one, there is a Chevy Tahoe for everyone.

Other SUVs made by chevrolet includee the traverse, trailblazer, suburban and the equinox. The suburban, is the only model that is larger than Tahoe. Made from the same frame (except elongated), the suburban is slightly longer with most other features being the same.

The larger option allows for more passengers with a third seat being available. Handling for each vehicle is similar, and they are often referred to as ?Cowboy? Cadillacs for their smooth rides.
The traverse is a smaller SUV that is popular with the younger crowds. The stylish model comes with all wheel drive, and ample storage space. Gas mileage is slightly better with this crossover than the larger tahoe, with an estimated 24 MPG highway. Compared to the Honda pilot, there?s 30{7999a8309af6224f4d845e4abcd27f0719096a3ddeac7de53185ec65ca31df3b} more storage space inside.

The trailblazer comes in both 4 wheel drive, and 2 wheel drive models. The base model has an estimated 20mpg highway, and the vehicle has an option of two or four doors.

This is a great vehicle for off-roading, and runs well at highway speeds. This model is in high demand with younger demographics, and smaller families. With great resale value, this is a very popular vehicle at a reasonable price.

The Chevy equinox is considered a large cross-over suv. It is one of the largest SUVs made by Chevy after the Tahoe. For its size, this larger model has great fuel economy. The frame is more of a car type and has superior handling.

Chevrolet has reoutfitted the interior with more durable materials. There are three different models for consumers to choose from. There are 2.4 l in 3.0 leader engines available.

Chevy has so many models and features available, that anybody looking for an SUV, should be able to find the style and options they prefer. Whether you spend most of your time driving on highways, or offroading there is a Chevrolet model for you.