Audi To Introduce Three New Models In South Africa

The South Africa market of Audi?luxury unit of Volkswagen, Europe?s largest automaker and producer of quality Volkswagen Scrirocco parts— is currently offering a comprehensive range with an almost complete choice of fine cars starting from the most basic A3 up to the selection of flagship models which includes A8 and Q7. Petrol and turbo-diesel options are also available throughout the range including manual, tiptronic auto, multitronic constantly variable and revolutionary double-clutch gearboxes, Quattro drive, S and RS sports models— are just some of the models that are being offered and will increased further with the coming of other Audi models.

The V8 powered A8 4.2 TDI, the RS4 Avant and the new Audi S3 are all scheduled to hit South Africa in the coming months. Just what would car buyers in South Africa expect from these three new Audi models?

To start off, the huge A8 which is Audi?s aluminum-bodied Quattro AWD sedan flagship will introduce the first turbodiesel V8. The A8 possess the sophistication of an SUV and at the same time provides remarkable fuel savings that doesn?t hamper its powerful performance. The A8 4.2 TDI?s advanced V8 rides and feels just like it petrol siblings. Its monstrous torque pumps an imaginable amount of power but compared to its gas-burning rivals it is still by far more economical.

The arrival of the new S3 that would complete the current S range under the S4 and the new V10, S6 and S8 gives the Ingolstadt marque a powerful hatchback in the range. The development of the 2.0T with Quattro all-wheel-drive together with the S3?s fiery turbocharged fuel stratified direct injection inline four, revs up 195 kW which makes it one to fear contender against the likes of Astra OPC, Focus ST, the all-new Volvo S30 T5, the RenaultSport Megane, and Golf GTI.

The S3 is the only model in its class with AWD. It is distinguished by its made even bolder Audi grille, neat aero kit and stylish alloy wheels. For its interior it is equipped with fully-adjustable, leather-wrapped, solid-packed sport seats to protect the driver inside. The S3 is scheduled to hit dealerships in South Africa in May.

The RS4 Avant which is scheduled also for South Africa is a station wagon version of the RS4. Audi is hoping to bring back its tradition of the supreme station wagon with its RS4 Avant.

And lastly, with the addition of the three new Audi models, the automaker is hoping to further boost its sales in South Africa.