Adam Kutner Taste Tests LA Food Trucks

Adam Kutner food truck reviews. Los Angeles is known for many things. Sun, miles of beaches, Hollywood, celebrities, theme parks, Beverly Hills and a culture prone to wealth and excess. Few visitors get to see the real Los Angeles, content instead, to stick to tourist traps and sightseeing excursions across the vast expanse of this urban mecca. I’ve spoken before about the food in L.A., and I really cannot emphasize enough what a spectacular scene it is. From food trucks offering every cuisine under the sun to mom and pop establishments to gastro pubs to celebrity chef helmed restaurants – there is something for every palette, every mood and every budget. Today, Adam Kutner takes a look at the uniquely Los Angeles scene of food trucks.

These are not the old roach coaches of the past. Los Angeles’ food truck scene is full of gourmet options served up street side in roving locations across Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley and Santa Ana/Long Beach. From Korean BBQ (Kogi BBQ) to Banana Pudding (Nana Queens) to Grilled Cheese (Grilled Cheese Truck) to Indian Food (Bollywood Bites) – there are over 200 trucks serving up fast, fresh and in some cases, healthy foods to Angelenos willing to track them down.

The Los Angeles food truck craze is largely attributed to starting with the Kogi BBQ truck. Well, I’m not sure if they were the first, but they were certainly among the first and the one to truly break through and cause a lot of buzz. The Kogi trucks serve Korean BBQ in tacos, torta sandwiches and burritos. Kogi has a fleet of five trucks – Roja, Azul, Verde, Rosita and Naranja – and a legion of devotees. Their Korean street tacos are an explosion of flavors and textures that is instantly addicting.

The Nana Queens truck serves up, hands down, the world’s best banana pudding. With a dash of caramel and a nilla wafer, this pudding is nothing short of transcendental. Officially, the truck is called Nana Queens Pudding and Wings, and with a menu of wings, fries, pudding and other specialty, they have garnered a devoted fan base in Los Angeles. Adam Kutner.

The Grilled Cheese truck is, in my opinion, the best truck around. Serving various specialty grilled cheese sandwiches alongside tater tots, this is comfort food gone gourmet. Chef Dave Denhi was inspired to create his truck after participating in Los Angeles’ annual Grilled Cheese Invitational. His entry, the Cheesy Mac and Rib Melt has become the flagship sandwich around which his truck revolves. Sure to raise your cholesterol and melt your taste buds in delight, my favorite is the brie and honey on sourdough.

The Bollywood Bites Truck offers a combination of Indian street food and restaurant favorites. Michael Jackson’s former personal chef Sanjay Patel created the concept and does a great job bringing pungent Indian flavors to an ever changing clientele. This truck serves everything from chicken tikka masala, fish masala, saag paneer, chan and biryani to pani puri and sev puri. Bollywood Bites even serves the Mumbai street food staple sandwich batta bada. Food reviews by Adam Kutner.