What to Do After a Truck Accident

Few motor vehicle accidents are as traumatic and potentially deadly as those involving a large commercial truck, such as a semi truck or tractor trailer. Because a truck accident can so often mean severe injuries or even fatalities, it is not unusual to see a personal injury claim filed in connection with such an incident.

Because of the very serious nature of a truck accident, it may be beneficial to recruit the help of a skilled injury lawyer who has familiarity with accident cases involving large commercial vehicles. Though many of the steps you would take after a truck accident are similar to those of an accident involving only passenger vehicles, there are also many special considerations to be made.

At the Scene of the Truck Accident

The first priority after any accident is to secure emergency medical help and to alert the police to the crash. If you have suffered any injury in the accident, be sure to receive prompt medical attention, even if the crash was one that occurred at very low speeds and you believe the injuries are minor. Many injuries can take time to manifest and it is best to err on the side of caution after such a traumatic event.

If you are able, gather evidence at the scene of the truck accident, as this information can prove invaluable to your lawyer if you later choose to pursue damages in an injury claim.

Evidence that can strengthen an injury claim may include:

If your injuries prevent you from gathering any of this information at the time of the crash, you can later obtain a copy of the official police report and talk to a lawyer about what other types of evidence you can collect after the fact.

Guarding Your Speech After a Serious Truck Accident

At the scene of the truck accident and in the coming days, weeks and months after your crash, you must be very careful in the way that you talk about the accident.

Never apologize, admit fault or offer elaborations on what you believe may have happened while you are on the scene of the accident, whether you are talking to the police or to another driver. Likewise, be very careful in what you say to any insurance adjusters who contact you after your crash.

Anything you say in this time can be used to diminish your potential injury claim. Your attorney can handle communications with insurance companies on your behalf if you are concerned that this may become an issue. In fact, by contacting a lawyer soon after you have suffered serious injury in a truck crash, you will go a long way in protecting your right to seek compensation.