The Indian Car Market

Owning a car in today’s world isn’t a privilege like it used to be a few decades ago. It’s more of a necessity for most. The automobile market in India has undergone a huge transformation over the last 10-15 years. Back in the nineties, the Indian market barely had a handful of car manufacturers who produced cars. There were the local manufacturers like Maruti Suzuki, Tata motors and Mahindra. The international car manufacturers included Daewoo, Opel and Peugeot.

Today however, it’s a whole new ball game. The Indian automobile market has high potential and car manufacturers from the world over have observed this. Hence, the likes of Toyota, Volkswagen, Skoda, Chevrolet, Renault, Hyundai and Honda are all making their presence felt in the Indian market. Different people have different needs from a car, some want looks and power and other prefer mileage and comfort. These manufacturers along with the previously existing local companies make cars to suit the different wants and need that people have. These needs and wants change in accordance to the different segments of society. A wealthier person who doesn’t travel great distances will need a car which is good looking to reflect his status, and luxury to ensure his drives are always comfortable and easy going. A person who isn’t as wealthy and travels a lot will need a car with great mileage and low maintenance costs.

The cars are divided in three basic segments; sedan, SUV’s and hatchbacks. Hatchbacks have become the most popular segment in recent years and you are spoiled for options when it comes to this segment. Every car company manufactures multiple hatchback models based on different needs and aspects. Even under the hatchback segment there are premium, mid range and budget hatchbacks. Hatchbacks are more popular today as they are cheaper and offer a superior mileage then other cars. The surge in fuel prices has made mileage a deciding factor for most and there’s no surprise why hatchbacks have become so popular.

Another addition to the three car types are multi utility vehicles. These are cars which are as big or bigger then an SUV but aren’t used for offroading purposes. They do not have that powerful an engine and are mainly used by large families who like traveling together. MUV’s can usually fit up to 7 people. A few of the multi utility vehicles India are the Toyota Innova, Maruti Suzuki Etriga and the Mahindra Xylo.