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Vehicle Networking Still in Its Early Stages

Such as the Frankfurt Motor Show, Ford introduced the Evos of the main smart card and cloud brand new concept car, show information real-time interaction between the vehicle and the driver of the “personal cloud”. Based on a detailed understanding of the preferences and driving habits of motorists, Evos personal information and other data obtained from the cloud system integration,… Read more →

Rules And Regulations Governing Vehicle Number Plates.

In 2001 the laws governing the display and supply of replacement number plates were greatly changed in order to tackle the problems of false plates and mis-spaced or illegible number plates.False plates are a problem to the police as criminals use them while committing crimes and illegible or mis-spaced number plates create problems for speed cameras and Automatic Number Plate… Read more →

Sport Utility Vehicle

SUVs are a fashion that has its origins in a military or professional need, are therefore the answer given by the automakers to whom needed a professional vehicle and at same time meet the needs of their evasion and leisure, with comfort, performance and safety for themselves and their families. Thus, professional vehicles, not comfortable, slow and without major safety… Read more →

How to Choose Best Vehicle Engine Oil?

Most of the times, the vehicle manufacturer’s suggest more than one viscosity oil for an engine, for example, they will give you options to choose from different engine oils such as 5W-20 or 5W-30 which depends on many factors including temperatures among others. Because engines requires different viscosities depending on different working situation, therefore getting to know how scientist sees… Read more →