Stop The Cheating Of Your Wife ? With Towing Mirrors

This is the story about Frank, a man who had one serious problem: Since the marriage with his wife he has been driving far too fast. This would be not such a big problem, if he lived in Germany like I, the moderate, but very talented author of this little story. If he lived in Germany, he would be able to enjoy the great highways over there, where speed-limits do not exist and people are driving fast and furious.

At this point I, the author, want to offer you, the reader, an opportunity to ponder the following matter: Would Americans benefit from non-limited highways? I know that it is pretty hard to discuss, if the joining members of this conversation are sitting maybe 1000 miles away from each other and seriously who knows, what the author of this story, me, is doing in the moment, the reader, you, is reading this story. Maybe he is joining one of his seminars, where he gets taught how to use telepathy, an incredible ability that allows him to see the thoughts of the fellow men. And exactly here is the key to solve the problem concerning the huge distance between the members of this conversation. I know, what you are thinking!

So I have no problem writing down all the different opinions on this complicated issue. Because I am gentle, I start mentioning an opinion of one of our lovely women who always have something to say, especially to complain ? like Marta, a 40 year old lady from Peru who lost her man after a heavy car accident caused by a speeding driver on the highway, – ?I agree with no limit highways. There is no reason, why I shouldn?t. I am young, fresh and love driving fast. Ole!?

Even I must admit that I was a bit surprised about the statement of this nice widow. I want to be objective and just add, ?Great statement, Marta!? The next one is Carl from Nevada, who isn?t sure, what his actual opinion is, ?On the one side I agree with Marta. It would be great if I could drive as fast as I want. I am driving a Mercedes, so I really would benefit from a change concerning our highway rules. But on the other site I would get in serious trouble after my small visits to Frank?s wife, because Frank drives a Ferrari, so he would catch me without any problems.? And exactly here we have to interrupt the small conversation and go back to Frank, the main actor of this story. Because the cheated man, the one Carl is talking about, is the same Frank from the beginning who is driving far too fast. But at least we know now, why he has to drive so fast all the time. He has to catch all the guys his lovely, but naughty, wife has affairs with. And I know due to my telepathy skills that there are some chases he has to do. One of these chases took place yesterday, when he followed Miguel, a 26 years old Hispanic guy. But unfortunately Miguel has many policeman friends, whom he called and asked to catch his rival — and they did. 20 minutes later Frank was a guest in jail accused for driving 100 mph over the speed limit.

But when an author tells a story, he wants the reader to learn something from it. I, the moderate author of this story, have the same objective. But what is the actual moral of this story? I could want to say that women shouldn?t cheat on their husbands the whole time. Another lesson could be that you shouldn?t chase the guys who make love with your wife. No, these are not the lessons the reader has to learn. There is just one thing I want to teach you: Use better towing mirrors in order to see the police that are chasing you.

Last but not least the author of this small, and sometimes a bit obscure, story wants to add that there is one request left that is addressed to the politicians of this great country: USA, give us highways without limits. I promise I will behave!!