Sport Utility Vehicle

SUVs are a fashion that has its origins in a military or professional need, are therefore the answer given by the automakers to whom needed a professional vehicle and at same time meet the needs of their evasion and leisure, with comfort, performance and safety for themselves and their families. Thus, professional vehicles, not comfortable, slow and without major safety concerns, have led to vehicles that confer status to their owners.

SUVs are becoming more and more popular (among rich people) for a variety of reasons.

Vehicle buyers were drawn to their large cabins, higher ride height, and perceived safety. Additionally, some full-size SUVs have far greater towing capacities than conventional cars, allowing owners to tow travel trailers (caravans), trailers, and boats with relative ease.

The automakers decided to build vehicles with more powerful engines and apply leading-edge technical solutions and equip them with the most advanced safety systems, and of course with the inevitable systems of the four-wheel traction, which allows the so desired off-road incursions.

Safety is a must in these vehicles, airbags abound as well. Front side airbags and curtain side airbags are standard fare. Some also have the ability to deploy in the event of a rollover. If you?re feeling adventurous, vehicles such as the Range Rover have hill descent control that limits the vehicle?s speed when going down steep inclines.

The SUV have the ability to make some off-road incursionsNowadays, the SUVs are acquired not only by people who need a vehicle for their professional activities, but also by people seeking a potent and safely vehicle, and everyone that is looking for a desired social status, like the mom that used it to take the boys to school, or go shopping with her husband.

Automakers such as Audi, BMW, Jeep, Lexus, Mercedes, Porsche, Hummer, Volvo, Range Rover, Volkswagen, among others, or virtually all manufacturers offers SUVs in its bid.

These SUVs are equally or even more comfortable, safe, performance than the berlinas and also give a superior status image to their owners.

One of the first automakers to offer a luxury SUV, was the Range Rover then one after another all automakers opted for having luxury SUVs in its bid, after the huge success who had BMW with the X3, X5 and now with the brand new X6, Porsche with Cayenne, Volkswagen with Touareg, Audi with Q7 and Mercedes with the ML, there is a rumour that even Bentley, Lamborghini and Ferrari are preparing a SUVs, if this is true that?s a completely revolution a Ferrari for the family that?s a thing for another world.

The automakers offer now not only a model, but two or three; smaller, devoted to the city and trips to the beach or a pic-nic in the field, others to travel with the family and with the dog and other larger and even other more sports in line for the road as is the Porsche Cayenne GTS and radicals such as the BMW coupe X6, competing with sport models or berlinas.

The design of SUVs of today is increasingly bold and even sports, the Paris Dakar Rally and the off-road races have influenced a very significant way a whole dynamics of the marks in promoting this type of vehicles. Also the stress of the cities have contributed to the need for evasion and in having a medium that provide such evasion and here they are the SUVs, beautiful, expensive, safely and powerful and with plenty of space to bring family, canoes and all the necessary luggage for a weekend of camping in the mountains with mud and snow.