Six Essential Facts That Every New Truck Driver Must be Aware Of

Starting any new job is always stressful, but starting as a new truck driver can be very difficult, particularly if the company employing you needs you to get on the road without any delay. So a new job and a new truck that you are not familiar with can add up to a big headache on day one. This is a worst case scenario, but if you are to rise to trucking challenges and truck driver responsibilities you will deal with anything the company can throw at you.

Fact number one; you need to know your truck driver responsibilities. There are laws covering how long you can drive while on duty. The company should go through this with you. However the company may only take on experienced truckers and you will be expected to know this already. The truck business is a complicated marriage of company responsibilities and personal driver responsibilities.

Fact number two; is that you will be subject to random alcohol and drug checks. Failing these tests is a dismissal offence. If you are caught on the freeway you might lose your license to drive and be fined a heavy penalty for driving a large truck while unfit through alcohol or drugs. You are also responsible for any traffic violations you incur while on the road.

Fact number three; you are providing a service to paying and possibly influential customers. Your service has to be of a high standard at all times. Keep to the delivery schedule and advise the company and customer if problems arise. You need to be efficient, reliable and pleasant to deal with. Good points might not get back to the company but a bad report certainly will.

Fact number four; is to be aware that driving within city limits is a very different game from driving on the open road. However you should be aware of this from driving your automobile or pickup truck in the city. You are now driving a large truck that won’t turn in a tight street or alley. So you need to keep your wits about you and try and think ahead when you come across a “no entry” or “one way system.”

Fact number five; is that many companies will only take on experienced truckers. So be prepared to take temporary and seasonal employment to build up your experience and skills. We touched on this above because the company wants you “up and running” as soon as possible.

Fact number six; relates to personal problems of boredom or loneliness on the one hand and poor diet and physical shape on the other. However you should be able to maintain a good healthy diet without any difficulty these days. This should help to keep any excess weight to a minimum. Finding time to work out can be a problem so it is worth putting a bit of thought into how you can overcome this.