Short And Long Haul Trucks For Sale

The requirements needed for those driving short or long haul trucks are completely different, and sourcing a truck which meets all of your specifications can be an arduous task. At one company they have a broad selection of trucks which includes those tailored to meet the needs of truck drivers travelling short or long hauls. As experts in their field they understand that the difference between these two trucks is considerable, and depending on your needs they can find a quality and reliable truck to suit all of your requirements in their wide selection of trucks for sale.

If you are travelling for long hauls then you will have different priorities then if you were looking for a truck to travel short hauls. The main and most noticeable difference between the requirements is the size of the cabin.

Trucks travelling for long hauls need to incorporate cabins into their design functionality. Frequently, trucks travelling for long hauls will travel for days sometimes weeks at a time and as such the cabin needs to incorporate certain amenities which enhance the driver’s level of comfort. The bed is generally seen as the most important aspect, and every cabin is usually fitted with one. However, depending on the timescale attached to your long haul you may require other and more immediate amenities. Within a vast range of trucks, the cabins can incorporate toilets, air-conditioning or heating units, TVs and kitchens.

The collection of trucks at this company also includes vehicles for those looking for a cabin which can hold up to 7 persons. This is essential for use when travelling extremely long distances without stopping, as trips like this require a large crew to rotate and make deliveries on time. This well known van brand’s range of trucks delivers this with some vehicles featuring large cabin areas which can hold up to seven individuals comfortably.

In contrast, those embarking on a short haul journey do not need such a large cabin, as they usually travel less than 100 miles and return the same night to their set base. As such a short haul driver often has several deliveries in a day which they have to help unload. For this reason the loading and unloading mechanism is more important than a spacious cabin. At one company they have a vast range of trucks suitable for both short and long haul journeys, and due to their wealth of experience they can advise you on the best truck for your specific specification.

If you want to buy a truck which is suitable for either short or long haul journeys then you need to contact this company. They have a vast range of trucks for sale, ensuring that they find you a truck which matches your criteria.