Selling Your Used Car? How To Write An Effective Classifieds Listing

Looking to sell your wheels? These days, online classified ads make the process that much easier with great websites to facilitate the meeting between buyer and seller.
If you’re looking to list your vehicle online, you’ll need to develop a good classified advertisement. Like any ad, a classified listing needs to be engaging as well as informative to a potential buyer. Statements like “will sell fast!” or “highly sought after model!!!” are less likely to attract an enquiry than a descriptive ad detailing the specifics of the car in question.

Tips for writing a great Used Car ad

– Be honest – put your best foot forward, but don’t say the car is something it’s not. If you have a used Honda that has recently been in a wreck, there’s no point listing it “Like New”. Buyers are looking to developing a trusting relationship with an honest seller and any signs of deceit or misrepresentation will have them running for the hills.

– Think of the buyer – Use descriptive phrases that give the buyer more details about the car. Features such as first owner, list of extra features or good car history report are much more useful for a buyer than opinionated declarations such as “runs like a dream”, “looks fantastic”, “best car you’ll ever own!”

– Check the conventions – different classified sites follow a traditional format and ask for standard abbreviations with their listings, especially if you’ll be listing the car on multiple sites. Browsers are after quick and easy to access information from their search results, so find out the conventions and write a new ad that is specific to the site.

– Pricing – most websites recommend that you include a price with your listing as listings without prices generally get less enquiries. If you have a rare model, you might be able to gauge the playing field and let the market set a price, but if you’re trying to offload a more common vehicle, like a used Peugeot, buyers already have an idea of what they’ll pay.