Resume The Journey With San Antonio Transmission Repair

Your car is perhaps your best friend as it takes you places, but to keep the relationship going you have to be careful about its maintenance so that your journey remains smooth. The life of the car depends on the strength of the engine and the transmission in the engine area is one of the major parts of any car and has a shaft which connects the transmission to the engine power and a clutch which engages and disengages gears which helps in transmitting power to the shaft and a case filled with fluid. When you know that the transmission is of so much importance then you definitely can’t afford to ignore its repair and maintenance and must immediately approach San Antonio Transmission Repair for best results. The repairs experts know their job well and assure make every effort so that there remains no scope for any error. They know that only after taking out the parts from their place they can be thoroughly cleaned or replaced. San Antonio Transmission Repair experts don’t believe in taking the short cuts and put the vehicle on the lift and disconnect the drive shaft first from transmission.

To start their job the experts working for San Antonio Transmission Repair drain the fluid from the case of the shaft and fresh fluid is used when all the parts are re-assembled. To lower the transmission from the car they remove all bolts from the flange which surrounds the case. To reach where many concentric gears are present the fasteners are removed so that the damaged gears can be replaced by the engineers of San Antonio Transmission Repair. Where there are gears the clutch will also have to function perfectly, but mostly with the passage of time the clutch plates lose the adhesion and this area is given special care at the time of repairing the entire transmission system. If oil or grease is found on the plates then San Antonio Transmission Repair experts make sure that it is properly removed so that the power is properly shifted to the gears when required.

As the transmission systems that are fitted in today’s vehicles are very complex and intricate it is always advised that in case of power or transmission failure you should not try to act like a do-it yourself warrior and should immediately take your car to the service centers of San Antonio Transmission Repair. The sensors are fitted on the engines which control the transmission and any inexperienced hand trying to meddle with the things will only spoil the condition of the car. If the transmission is quite worn out then there are chances that it will leak and the transmission fluid will flow through the steel or aluminum fluid lines and will crack them. As transmission failure ultimately effects the poor shifting of the gears, San Antonio Transmission Repair experts suggest that before the hydraulic pressure reduces you must visit the professional mechanics of ours