Products From Cruisecam Showed Off At 2006 Sema

What do Big Brother and CruiseCam have in common?

Well, there is one thing that keeps them alike: videos. For Big Brother, videos and cameras are constantly rolling inside his house. On the other hand, CruiseCam offers the world of automobiles videos for various vehicles and cars.

CruiseCam International Inc. is one of the auto industry?s largest and leading companies that manufacture and produce technologies that could record and save videos. It develops various technologies that integrate and use videos. These videos are often used in patrol cars, and law enforcement vehicles so as to serve as proof for whatever the patrol officer is doing on the road. Oftentimes, videos recorded serve as proof when perpetrators start running away from the law or start running away from police vehicles. These videos are also used by consumer vehicles and commercial vehicles.

The products offered by CruiseCam are not as popular and as widely used compared to vehicle products like used Porsche car parts and vehicle accessories. But they sure are gaining a good reputation in the industry. And at the SEMA convention this year, CruiseCam would be showing off its new line of products. Many people and goers would surely love to see what these products could do to the auto industry.

The list of products includes the CruiseCam Race Cam, and the Vette Cam. There also is the CruiseCam Baby Cam made specially for viewing what is happening on the rear seat. The CruiseCamera is another product which is mounted on the headrest and makes use of cameras that face both the front and rear. Another product that CruiseCam would be showing off would be the CruiseCam Mounts. This one comes in multiple colors and it is offered as a good digital recording system for commercial buses. This one comes with a Sony 360 degree vision.

Scott Watkins is the CEO of CruiseCam and he says, ?We welcome shareholders to stop by our display (booth number 10278) and view our products and meet with CruiseCam representatives. We will be displaying products that the public is demanding to buy and we are there to fill that request.?