Maserati 2012 Driving Experience

Maserati has just announced the new driving programs available in 2012. This year the Trident brand will offer his customers and prospects two new exclusive experiences: the Maserati Snow Test Drive Program in St. Moritz and the Master Italian Lifestyle Experience tailored for those who wish enjoying the finest Italy has to offer. The new Lifestyle Program will encompass cultural activities, food & travel experiences in Parma and Florence areas.

The Maserati Snow Test Drive Program, instead, is available only to a limited number of Trident enthusiasts and customers which will have the opportunity to experience the high-performance Maserati in the snow and ice surfaces under the supervision of professional drivers. The Course allows participants to experience the true performances of Maserati fleet – Quattroporte, GranTurismo and GranTurismo Convertible – under a special controlled environment. Another important goal is to help participants understanding to handle unexpected situations when grip are compromised by weather conditions. The entire program will be held in a snow & ice dedicated circuit and the main topics include: handling, proper braking and steering with different techniques, how to find and follow the ideal line. The Maserati Snow Test Drive Program is an addition to the well-known Master Maserati taking place at the Company’s track in Varano de’ Melegari in Italy (near Parma) from May to October.

There are different Master Maserati driving experiences offered, based on the participants’ knowledge and goals. The Master GT Driving Course is offered either in one or two days and aims to teach how to safely drive a 400 bhp car thru demanding yet enjoyable sessions. Anyone can improve his/her own driving capabilities and explore the performance of the Maserati fleet thanks to the professional advice of professional instructors. Another Program available is the Maserati Master High Performance Driving Course. Exclusively dedicated to Maserati customers, the Master HP course can be fully personalized to participants’ specific needs and expectations. Driving sessions of increasing duration will be provided as well as an intensive use of telemetry and analysis will be performed. The last driving course Maserati offers is the Master MC Trofeo, a more racing-oriented experience involving Maserati Trofeocars for the main course and the GranTurismo S for few practice phases. Some of the driving techniques and facilities used for this course are: exclusive use of the Varano de’ Melegari track, special equipped areas for training exercises, personalized telemetry data thanks to on board special data acquisition systems, electronic timing to measure participants’ performances and theory classes with sophisticated and computerized tools.