Keys To Defensive Driving

If you drive on the busy roads, you must know that everyone can not drive well. You see many peoples around you they have very fast speed while driving. Some people wander in to another lane because they are not giving attention to driving. So you must be care full because some drivers takes sudden turns without giving indicators or interlace in and out of traffic. Fast and violent drivers are familiar as road hazards, they cause one third of vehicle crashes. But the main problem is inattentive driver who are doing multitask while driving like talking on the mobile, eating or even watching movies, texting or reading the messages on mobile. It is not in our hand to control the actions of other drivers but learning defensive driving skills can help us to prevent dangers caused by other people’s terrible driving. One of important defensive driving skill is to concentrate on the road conditions, speeds, signs, signals, observing traffic law and following directions. It is also important to be aware of the vehicles around you by checking your front and back mirrors.

Staying focused while driving is an important key for defensive driving. Talking on the phone or eating while driving makes a driver less able to see possible problems and respond to them. If you are driving for the long times don’t get overconfident in your driving skills always focus while driving. Other important key to defensive driving is always staying alert. If you are alert you can react quickly to potential hazards. Don’t use any alcohol or drugs before driving because you can’t concentrate. The main reason of accidents is usually drivers are drunk while driving and they lose their senses and cause the accidents. If you are feeling tired or sleepy don’t driver because it is also the main reason for vehicle crashes. Always be aware of other vehicle drivers. Always keep distance from other vehicles may be suddenly they use brakes or stop the car which may cause the crash with your car. Always prepare for any condition to reduce the risk rate.

The other main defensive driving key is to always wear your seat belts and lock your doors to protect yourself from being thrown from the vehicle in a crash. Wearing a seatbelt is very important it can prevent you from head injuries in accidents. While driving check your back and front mirrors time to time and examine conditions 10 to 30 seconds in front of you. It is also important to follow the speed limits don’t exceed the speed of your vehicle. Always slow down your speed in residential area. It is also important to keep eye on bicyclists, motorcyclists, pedestrians and pet next to the road. If you have any important phone call, stop your vehicle and then listen to the phone. The best way to prevent danger is to position your vehicle in right lane where you can see other vehicles easily. Those are the main keys for defensive driving.