How To Get In Shape With An ASEAKO Electric Bike

Somewhere along the line, your health took a turn for the worse. Now, as you recover, exercise may be difficult, and over exertion could be dangerous. It may be difficult to enjoy the activities that were once second nature.

As people get older or suffer heath problems, which prevent them from being as active as before, they often search for new ways to regain their strength and vitality. There is no need to despair, an ASEAKO Electric Bike can help you get back in shape with low level exercise and motor assistance.

An Electric bike will get you back outside:

Riding an electric bike is the most enjoyable form of exercise. There is nothing like cruising down a beautiful stretch of road with the wind in your face, the sun beaming down, and fresh air in every breath.

With an ASEAKO electric bike you have the motor there to back you up too. When it comes to those heart pounding hills, the ASEAKO electric bike has the torque to get you over even the steepest of hills due to its unique High Torque Central drive System, something you could not even contemplate if you were riding a traditional 200w hub type electric bike. That means you can enjoy ALL of your ride, not just the parts on flats.

An Electric bike can make you fit!

Once you have your electric bike, it’s time to get back into shape. This means that while you are regaining your strength you use more motor power to go fast. As you get stronger and stronger you can use less and less motor power. Eventually, you will find you have greater endurance and can go further and faster than before.

ASEAKO Electric bikes have 3 levels of pedal assist, low, medium and high, so just choose the high level of assistance when starting out, and then as your strength improves, reduce the level of assistance to medium or low. This is a great way to ride as you have the comfort of then selecting high assistance every time you encounter a steep hill in which your ASEAKO Electric Bike will tackle with ease.