How to Avoid The Most Common Mot Pitfalls

Vehicle MOTs are a compulsory requirement and it is against the law to drive your vehicle if it fails its MOT. If your vehicle is due for its MOT soon you might be worrying about the aspects it may fail on. There are many companies offering MOTs in Cardiff that would be delighted to give you advice on how to maintain your vehicle so that it is in top condition and ready for its next MOT test.

MOTs take into account a lot of different defects and vehicle conditions, so it’s a good idea to prepare as much as you can during the year for the next MOT. By taking care of the engine, brake system and overall condition of your vehicle you can prevent the shock of a huge repair bill once MOT time comes around.

In fact there are some areas in particular that are more prone to problems. These are as follows…

Usually the most expensive MOT repairs are those that involve the most complex or largest parts of your vehicle. Brakes account for over 11{7999a8309af6224f4d845e4abcd27f0719096a3ddeac7de53185ec65ca31df3b} of negative MOT results, whilst suspension and exhaust systems were found to cause more than 10{7999a8309af6224f4d845e4abcd27f0719096a3ddeac7de53185ec65ca31df3b} of MOT failures. Exhaust systems, braking systems or suspension systems command the highest repair bill as these are the hardest to replace or repair due to their complex nature or the number of individual parts.

Chips and cracks in the windscreen come in at a whopping 8{7999a8309af6224f4d845e4abcd27f0719096a3ddeac7de53185ec65ca31df3b} of MOT failures. That figure is surprising seeing as many companies offer chip repairs, some of them available for free provided you have a fully comprehensive insurance policy. No matter how small the imperfection, you should never leave it to chance until the MOT comes around – a failed MOT will cost you unnecessary time and money.

Finally, faulty headlamps are the reason for 7{7999a8309af6224f4d845e4abcd27f0719096a3ddeac7de53185ec65ca31df3b} of MOT failures, whilst cracked or obscured registration plates account for 6{7999a8309af6224f4d845e4abcd27f0719096a3ddeac7de53185ec65ca31df3b} of the failure rate. A good way to avoid problems with your MOT next time it is up for inspection is to look over your current MOT certificate and take note of any items with cautionary notes against them. Even if your vehicle passed its last MOT you might have been warned about wear and tear or parts that are starting to show signs of needing replacement.

By taking care of these items one by one during the year, you can be sure to avoid a hefty repair bill come the inspection date. MOTs don’t have to cost a fortune and there is a lot you can do to ensure your vehicle sails through without any problems. If you experience problems with your vehicle such as pulling to one side when stopping, or bouncing and rattling more than normal when negotiating bumps or potholes, then make a note of them and arrange an inspection with your local Cardiff MOT garage. It’s better to get these problems seen to right away instead of waiting until the MOT is due.