Hero Honda Diesel 400 – a Diesel Bike

Hero Honda is now Hero Motocorp after the parting of Hero group and the Honda Company. Today they are popular among the two wheeler commuters who are the rulers on the road in India. Many people in the country prefer two wheelers as compared to four wheelers due to the traffic congestion, parking issues and the fuel consumption. Keeping this in mind, Hero group is now introducing the Hero Honda diesel 400 that runs on diesel. Yes, this is good news as the rising fuel price is causing too much on street on the financial aspect of the people.

Although it is good news, yet people are not sure about the Hero Honda bikes price as this will be crucial in the market. If the Hero Honda diesel 400 price are high, people will definitely be disappointed. But since it is a diesel bike, the engine will be a little expensive. So it is up to the Hero MotoCorp to decide what the price should be. The engine of course will run on powerful air -cooled 400 cc engine that will incorporate direct fuel injection technology. The power generated will be 30 bhp and will come with disc brakes at both the ends. People are going to love the power and the performance the bike will give. With the fuel costs rising frequently, it is difficult for the common man to afford such high fuel prices. Thus, the company has taken the initiative to provide the common man with the most reliable yet affordable bike.

The bikes price in India is what will decide the future of the bike in the country. People here are very conscious of the budget and spend with a lot of considerations like the mileage, looks, design and price factor.

However, it looks like Hero group has given lots of style to their new Hero Honda diesel 400 bike and looks nothing short to a sports bike. A robust body and sturdy ride is what is promised to the consumers. The build will be aggressive and integrated with impressive body graphics to attract the youth. With attractive colors and metallic finished body, youngsters as well as grownups are going to rule the roads. Since it is from the Hero group, it will definitely be appreciated as they have tremendous experience in this field and are the world’s largest two wheeler manufacturers. The launching of Hero Honda diesel 400 will take place soon as the date has not been fixed.

The mileage provide will be around 30 km per liter and the fuel tank capacity is 17 liters and reserves at 3.5 liters. The bike is not short of any styling and design, instead there is a lot of sportiness in it.

The Hero Honda diesel 400 price in India will be Rs. 1, 50,000 approximately.