Drivers Ed in Texas

In the state of Texas, those who are hoping to get a driver’s license for the first time will need to fulfill certain requirements. For anyone under aged 25 who is applying for a first-time license, one of the requirements is successful completion of a drivers (D) education program. This reflects a change to the law. Traditionally, only fifteen and sixteen year old new Ds were required to complete a drivers’ education course before obtaining a license. Today, Ds from aged 18 through age 25 will also need to complete a Ds ed in Texas course if they are obtaining a license for the first time.

Rules for Drivers Ed in TexasThe laws related to drivers ed in Texas make clear that Ds education is necessary for all Ds aged 25 and under before they obtain their driver’s license. These courses can be six hour drivers’ ed courses or they can be more comprehensive drivers’ education courses that teach essential driving skills, but some course is required.

Drivers’ education courses in Texas may be offered at public schools, which can be a convenient option for students under age 18 but which tends to be less convenient for adults between 18 and 25 who are getting their license for the first time.

In certain cases, parents may teach a Ds education course to their teens, provided that the parent is qualified and meets the requirements. While this option can be a convenient one, it is often a bad idea because kids may not be as willing to listen to their parents as they are to a professional instructor.

Finally, drivers’ ed in Texas is available to teens from private commercial driving schools and available on the Internet. Many families find that using the Internet is the best choice for completion of Ds ed in Texas. An online course approved by the Texas Education Agency (TEA) will meet the requirement that a Ds education course be completed.

Taking an online course, therefore, can qualify a teen or young adult driver to get a license. Online courses are also very convenient since classwork can be taken from anywhere, which makes them an especially good option for Ds who have already graduated from school and who are juggling learning to drive around work and other commitments.

Finally, online courses have another major benefit and one that parents will be especially happy about. Online Ds ed courses can help students to learn the rules of the road and to become better drivers since they have the time to focus on the course material and aren’t distracted in classes by their friends. Those taking online Ds ed in Texas can also revisit course material when they need to, since there is no limit on when they can log in. This means that kids and young adults who are learning to drive for the first time will be able to really hone their driving skills.

While many families choose online for new Ds to complete their drivers ed in Texas, the important thing to remember is that some type of drivers’ education must be completed before obtaining a license. If you are a young adult or the parent of a young adult who is going to begin driving soon, make your plans for the completion of the drivers ed requirement today.