Driver Improvement Course Virginia Regulations

There are three main reasons for taking a driver improvement course Virginia motorists typically have;

1. The Department of Motor Vehicles ordering a driver to attend an eight hour driver improvement course due to too many points being accumulated on your license.

2. The driver would like to gain a deduction on insurance premiums.

3. The driver simply wants to become a better defensive vehicle operator.

An Online Driver Improvement Course Virginia Makes Sense

Why choose an online course? Flexibility and convenience. The course can be taken online, wherever you get an internet connection-on your own clock. You can log in and out of the course as your schedule allows. So you can do a little here, a little there…whatever works for you.

Always Check with the Court First

Court ordered drivers may have to take a driver improvement course Virginia law approves of, and online classes are available for that as well, provided the court approves it. If not, there are other locations that are available, and the court should be able to give you a listing of where they are located. For the most part, however, online options are acceptable, as long as they can provide you with a certificate of completion when you have finished the required classes. This may or may not keep you from getting points on your license, and it is considered a good idea to ask the court before signing up for a driver improvement course Virginia law may not allow you to use.

Get Good “Credit”

There are those who voluntarily take the course, to add safe driver points to their license in order to offset any negative points they may get in the future. They are allowed up to five points credit, and will have to take a final exam at an actual physical location once the online course is complete. This option is open to any licensed driver over twenty who does not have a commercial driver’s license. Those drivers must take the entire course at an approved physical location. Those who voluntarily take the course may also be eligible for up to a ten percent discount on their insurance premiums, since the insurance companies are well aware that drivers who take the course are less likely to be involved in traffic accidents.

Online or off, a driver improvement course that the Virginia DMV approves is generally considered to be appropriate by the courts as well, so there is not usually a need to check with both. One or the other will be able to notify you of any course’s eligibility.

More on Flexibility

If at all possible, the online option is considered the best due to the flexibility of the schedule. The site is available to you night or day, every day, for as little or as much time as you may have. You will be able to work at your own pace, as long as it keeps up with the deadline you may be under.

Pressed for time? The online course is going to be your best option, and most providers also offer express delivery of certificates if needed.

Whatever your reasons for seeking out a driver improvement course Virginia laws and regulation are in place to help–and sometimes they can even benefit you. Follow all the instructions given by whichever department orders the course completion to avoid any misunderstandings and complications that may arise.