Cool Gifts To Buy For The Car

Why should Christmas be only about buying gifts for humans and pets? Shouldn’t the car get some cool accessories to make it the best looking vehicle in the neighborhood? The holidays can be extra special for the car lovers on your list. Thankfully, there are many gifts out there that will make both the car, and the car lover, happy for Christmas or a birthday.


Nothing says cool like putting a decal on your car that says the make of the car, or some obscure Chinese character that you don’t know the meaning of. While those types of decals are lame, you can find an excellent decal to match your car and your personality at most automotive shops.

Satellite Radio

Gone are the days of trying to find a station that does not have static when you are on a cross-country drive. Now, with the advent of satellite radio, you can listen to any station, anywhere in the world. All you have to do is plug the satellite radio into your car’s lighter to enjoy the music and specialty channels it has to offer.

Security system

There are many security systems out there that can keep a car lover’s car safe. You can buy the usual car alarm that are a dime a dozen these days, or you can go the extra mile and get a remote starter with it. There are even security systems these days that allow you to monitor where your car is, get alerts if it breaks the speed limit or if it is stolen. You can even shut down the car and lock the doors if you find out it is stolen.

Inside accessories

Why not buy the car lover a specialty steering wheel they have been looking at, or maybe a gear shift with a skull on it for the more adventurous car owner. There are also custom pedals, mats and dash board accessories that can be put in the car


You have seen them, car rims that spin after you have stopped the car. They serve no useful purpose except to impress those around you. For the amount you will have to spend for them, people better be impressed!

Buying gifts for a car lover is an easy process and can also be done by purchasing a gift certificate for any automotive store.

Like a book lover, a car lover is one of the easiest people to buy a present for on a birthday or during the Christmas season.