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Street Bikes Versus Cruising Bikes

When you are looking for a good motorcycle for your riding needs, you may not be able to decide what kind to get. What’s the best bike for you? How do you decide? Street bikes are good for those that want speed. They are made to run fast and get you to where you want to go faster then other… Read more →

Gainesville Mayor Arrested for Drunken Driving

Gainesville mayor Craig Lowe was found asleep behind the wheel of his banged up vehicle that was near the scene of an accident and was arrested. Florida Highway Patrol troopers interrupted the mayor’s sleep early Thursday morning when they discovered him asleep inside a badly damaged Honda Civic. They were suspicious he had caused an auto accident while under the… Read more →

Hyundai Breaks Stereotypes

For years Hyundai has been stereotyped as a cheap/low quality vehicle, however, with the current financial crisis, customers are finding that Hyundai is not only affordable but also better than ever with outstanding luxury, safety, quality and great prices. The all new Hyundai Genesis has moved Hyundai in the luxury sports sedan category with big cabin space and a sleek… Read more →

Some Really Classic Motorcycles Made By Harley

There are some truly classic motorcycles on the market that add a thrilling blend of precision, style, and performance. Harley Davidson has had over one hundred years of developing motorcycles to help them in continuing to please consumer. The 1957 Harley-Davidson XL Sportster is among more than one hundred fifty classic motorcycles from around the world that has become a… Read more →