Buying A Used Car Manchester

Buying a used car can result in big savings for those that are prepared to look around to find the best deal. However, finding the best deal doesn’t always mean buying the car that’s the cheapest. The age of a car, the condition of a car, the cost of buying replacement parts, the time since its last MOT, and many other factors form the elements which will allow you to evaluate whether or not your getting a good deal.

How Many Prior Owners?

It’s important that your able to trace a car back to its roots. Without being able to do this you can never be sure what your buying. That’s why a professional car dealership will demand that they’re able to see paper work which details any prior owners ? you should do the same. A car with fewer prior owners should be looked upon favourably as this means there is less chance that those that have owned the car in the past have been dissatisfied.


You should always check the mileage on a used car before you part with your cash. A car with fewer miles on the clock has obviously been subjected to less wear and tear than cars that have covered more miles. If you don’t the first thing about buying used cars, then the chances are that you will not know what kind of mileage you should be looking for. If that’s the case then the best thing to do is ask people who do know, and look online to find guides which will be able to tell you what kind of mileage you should expect for a car with a certain registration plate.

Getting The Price Down

When it comes to buying a used car you are presented with a unique opportunity: to haggle the price down to as low as you can get it! That’s why knowing a thing or two about how to haggle can help you to save a lot of money when it comes time to part with your cash. If you are wanting to haggle, simply asking for less than they are offering simply won’t cut it ? the more product knowledge you have, the more likely you are to be able to get them to listen. For example, if you can point out sources that reference the value of their car, and if you are able to point out imperfections ? or less favourable aspects ? then you may find that they will come round to your way of thinking. When your trying to get the best deal on a car you should never appear too desperate to buy it. If you do then they won’t budge and you’ll end up having to pay the price for showing your true colours.

Come Back Later

When your buying a used car you shouldn’t jump in there and then. The excitement of being able to get what you want there and then can often mean that people don’t as clearly as they should.