Benefits of a Texas Defensive Driving Course

A Texas defensive driving course is a course intended to teach you driving techniques and help you to learn skills that will make you a better driver. Most people take a Texas defensive driving course after receiving a traffic ticket, but this isn’t the only reason why you might wish to take such a course. There are many benefits that you should think about when deciding if a Texas defensive driving course is right for you.

1) Avoiding points on your driver’s license

One of the biggest benefits of taking a Texas defensive driving course is that you can keep your driving record clean. This is important because points are typically placed on your driving record after you get a ticket for a moving violation such as speeding, running a stop sign , or breaking some other safety rule of the road. Reaching certain point thresholds on your record can result in surcharges by the DMV and increases in insurance costs. Too many points can both result in you losing your driver’s license for a period of time and losing your insurance coverage and having to buy a special policy for high-risk drivers.

Obviously, expensive insurance and the potential loss of your driver’s license are things that you want to avoid at all cost. Attending a defensive driving course is thus preferable in almost all cases to having citations and points on your record. Just make sure that the class you take is approved by the State (Texas Education Agency). That way you can make sure you get credit for it with the Court.

2) Lowering insurance premiums

If you haven’t gotten a moving violation, a Texas defensive driving course can still potentially be of use to you in keeping your insurance costs down. Many insurers provide special discounts to people who take state approved defensive driving courses voluntarily, since taking such a course can help to make you a better driver and thus reduce the chances of a car crash occurring. Find out if your insurer offers this benefit and what courses you can take in order to get it. Taking an online defensive driving course may save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars in insurance premiums over the years.

3) Staying Safe

Another major benefit to a Texas defensive driving course is that it can help you to stay safe on the road. There are countless vehicular crashes every day, some of which may lead to serious injury or death. Even if you are a careful driver and believe you are unlikely to get into an accident, there may be others on the road who aren’t as careful or there may be driving mistakes you are making that you aren’t even aware of.

A Texas defensive driving course will help to prepare you to be equipped to handle problems on the road. You will learn techniques for being aware of your surroundings, responding according to the cues of other drivers, and doing everything possible to stay safe and avoid a crash that could have potentially serious consequences.