Arizona Road Crumbles, Closed to Prevent Car Accidents

Authorities closed down a section of a northern Arizona road after the ground it stood on collapsed below Wednesday morning. Thick slabs of road fell with the moving ground making the road impassible to regular traffic.

According to the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) a 150-foot chunk of the US 89 buckled with the ground below. The event occurred sometime before 5 a.m. approximately 25 miles south of Page.

The event is being credited to a geological event by ADOT and it being weather related has been ruled out.

After geological engineers arrived on the scene and studied the broken highway they determined it was a result of a landslide.

The event has put a serious damper on people attempting to reach Page. A closure is forcing them to take an approximate 45 mile alternate route.

Northbound US89 is closed at US 89A and in Page US 89 is closed at the junction with State Route 98. The route drivers have been advised to take will take people east on US 160 to SR 98 and north on SR 98 to Page.

The transport agency is unsure about the length of time the closure will last.

Online pictures of the road show all three of the lanes collapsed in a sideways step pattern. This happened when the ground below gave way. It also took the guardrail with it. Ramps that connect the road below with the one above were created in the process.

There have been zero reports of injury associated with the collapsed road. Rural roads can collapse at any time without warning.

Arizona car accident stats per ADOT show that in 2011, they experienced over 103,000 crashes in the state. Of those incidents, 724 were fatal and over 33,000 resulted in personal injury.

An unnecessary killer in Arizona car accidents is alcohol. Approximately 5.35 percent of all wrecks are alcohol related. They made up 31.3 percent of all fatal crashes in 2011. And 77.9 percent of collisions relating to alcohol happened in urban areas.

Most automobile collisions can be avoided and hopefully help reduce expenses. They cost Arizona approximately $2.89 billion. To reduce the amount of vehicle collisions you are in, be aware of your surroundings and follow the rules of the road.