Month: November 2018

Womens Motorcycle Jackets Are Here!

Womens Motorcycle Leather, Mesh and Cordura Jackets for motor biking are very famous types. Motorbike jacket’s name is itself descriptive enough that these types are used by motorcyclists. Manufactured with an aim to provide protection against seasonal weather changes and security. These womens motorcycle jackets are trendy giving desired complete protection. As the main safety aspect is concerned, motorcycle jackets… Read more →

The Indian Car Market

Owning a car in today’s world isn’t a privilege like it used to be a few decades ago. It’s more of a necessity for most. The automobile market in India has undergone a huge transformation over the last 10-15 years. Back in the nineties, the Indian market barely had a handful of car manufacturers who produced cars. There were the… Read more →

Rdm Auto Sales, Miami Used Cars

Used cars are always best choice as second cars. The following reasons can be considered when using used cars as secondary cars; first, when you have a newer primary car, used cars can be ideal for long drives and extra miles. Second, practically speaking using used cars as second cars is considered a great deal when you plan to give… Read more →

History of Ducati 916

Rarely has a motorcycle combined style and speed to such devastating effect as Ducati’s 916. The Italian V-twin’s blend of breathtaking beauty, thunderous engine performance and sublime handling made it an instant hit on the bike’s launch in 1994. The first development of the 916 model family can be traced back to the development of the four-valve Ducati engine, the… Read more →

Cool Gifts To Buy For The Car

Why should Christmas be only about buying gifts for humans and pets? Shouldn’t the car get some cool accessories to make it the best looking vehicle in the neighborhood? The holidays can be extra special for the car lovers on your list. Thankfully, there are many gifts out there that will make both the car, and the car lover, happy… Read more →