Month: May 2018

How do You Read Between The Tires?

Before assuming that your car has a defective motor or regulator, a few quick checks are in order. First verify that the fuse or circuit breaker for the windows is OK. Most cars use the same power circuit for all of the windows, so if only one of them isn’t working, it’s a pretty safe bet that the fuses are… Read more →

Brake Wars: Ebc Vs. Brembo!

For most of the past seven decades, Brembo has possessed a totalitarian hold on the title of ?best brakes in the world.? The frequently lauded company from Bergamo, Italy has also added scores of race victories and many more outposts around the globe, crushing rotor rebellions right and left. No sight of braking beauty quite matches a glorious red Brembo… Read more →

How Much Paint To Paint a Car

In this quick video and blog post I’ll talk about a common question that a lot of newbie auto painters ask themselves. How much paint do I need to paint my car? How much paint to paint a car?The video above explains it all. But for the readers, I’ll break it down. You want to ask yourself two questions. 1.… Read more →

How Trustworthy Are Used Trucks From Japan

Purchasing used truck from Japan is the best way for industrial requirements. There are various brands available that can be selected according to requirements. Japan is considered to be one of the preferred markets for trucks. Technology is developing day by day and there are new brands which are being created for high end use. Construction trucks are in the… Read more →