Month: March 2018

Number Plate

Why Do a number on your vehicle When you want your vehicle to stand out and look “special”, there’s no need to do a number on it. Why colour it pink and black with purple stripes all over. There’s a better, even more elegant way to add distinction to your vehicle – be they Cars, Motorbikes, Disability Vehicles, Commercial Vehicles,… Read more →

Safety First With Volvo Brakes

Braking is a very critical process that a car must be able to execute as efficiently as possible. A driver may be in control of the car, but it is the brake system that ensures safety. Thus it is very important for one to know just how the brake system works. What may appear to be a simple act of… Read more →

All About Audi

German sport luxury brand Audi has played a strong role in helping to shape consumer tastes and influence the entire European touring market. For nearly 100 years, the Audi brand has been synonymous with producing high quality, reliable, and well engineered vehicles. An odd start almost scuttled the company?s plans, yet today Audi has risen above adversity and is producing… Read more →

Winter Driving – Shared Thoughts For Road Safety

The AA published it results of a December poll into our winter driving habits. Apparently 60{7999a8309af6224f4d845e4abcd27f0719096a3ddeac7de53185ec65ca31df3b} of us use a scraper yet only 12{7999a8309af6224f4d845e4abcd27f0719096a3ddeac7de53185ec65ca31df3b} of people ensure that all the ice is removed before starting their journey. Without doubt, younger drivers are the lazy ones when it comes to cold mornings, with nearly a quarter of them admitting to driving… Read more →